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ITSPEA: Week 6

This weeks assignment was to read (atleast) the 2. chapter of Rick Falkvinge and Christian Engström’s book “The Case of Copyright Reform” and give our assesment on the offered solutions.

In general I agree with almost all of the points. From my point of view perhaps i dont see much value in changing the protection times from life + 70 to 20 years and the 5 year registration clause might be bothersome but could potentially serve the purpouse.

Free Non-Commercial sharing is something I feel that should be the norm. It used to be fine to share a book with a friend or swap game cartridges for your nintendo systems or record your shown on VHS. Today these seemingly simple things have been made harder to do and in some cases even illegal. You can still share a book but not legally when its a digital copy, you can swap games with friends but again only if its a physical copy of the game. Games that are sold virtual only are hard if not impossible to share. Recording your favorite tv shows via your cable provider is just a mirage :). I strongly believe that any person should be allowed to share both fully or partially any piece of media they have lawfully bought for personal usage.